I am also available for a nice dinner date! I dress modest, wear nice perfume, make up. At your home or in a restaurant!


3 hours


1 hour extra



Must be carried out at the end in the hotel or at your home! from 2 hours


1 hour extra


Night (12 hours) from 19:00 pm till 07:00 am

Here is 2 extra's and a dinner date included


Some of them here:

I've already been to a few ladies, but Jenna has set the bar a lot higher for her peers. She is indeed very sweet as stated in other reviews. She also has good manners so she is very suitable for going out. It's hard for me to get my bearings, but Jenna did it! Thank you x

Stan - 24

I had a delicious meal with Jenna and booked another 2 hours for bedroom fun. It was very delicious! See you next time ;)!

Roel - 26 

I'm very shy and don't know much about women. Jenna could help me with that, she said! And she did. I was just allowed to be myself. We ate Italian and she really likes it. When we were done, we booked another 2 hours for an intimate session. I enjoyed that too. I'm glad I came across her website. She has a new customer!

Sven - 23

If I had known that Jenna couldn't handle Mexican then I would have known 😅 It was super fun! AND LAUGH THAT WE COULD! DELICIOUS! I haven't had such a nice and funny conversation and dinner with a nice lady in a long time! Thank you Jenna

Piet - 58

We ate together at Cubanita. for 3 hours we had a lot of fun. nice conversation with a nice girl and booked another 2 hours to finish it in my hotel room! I've enjoyed it! Until next time. X

Wim - 29

It was a nice date. I can't make more of it. anything but until the next X!

Petertje - 32

Had a nice dinner at Pinoccio - her favorite. She told me she didn't like salmon very much. but still went for the pasta with salmon. Haha! I love her humor! Then booked another 2 hours for intimacy. I also enjoyed it! And next time I will surprise her for another Italian cuisine! See you soon!

Gerard - 53