a Day out ♥

There are still so many possibilities that we can do together! A day out shopping, having something to eat together, perhaps a city trip?

♥ Musea ♥ Citytrip ♥ Zoo ♥
 ♥ Pool ♥ Secretroom

8 hours

Sex is not included *


12 hours (from 09:00 am till 21:00 pm )

Sex is not included *


* Want sex? Must be carried out at the end from a max 2 hours!

My costs are based on Just a day out, the costs for food or beverages for example,
are at your expense

Some of them here:

I had a wonderful time with Jenna in Amsterdam, first had lunch somewhere (I was surprised by her. And I'll be honest... she knows good places) then we walked through the center and I bought her a nice fragrance from Paco Rabanne. Ate at Mo-Jo. And I was only allowed to pamper each other intimately in my hotel room for 2 hours. Thank you Jenna!

Duration: Full day

Robert - 43 

Went to Blijdorp with her. And afterwards I enjoyed her for another 3 hours at my house. Once again I am very happy that Jenna has made time for me in her busy agenda and has given me a good time in return. She is also easy going and very good in bed.

Duration: Full day

Kevin - 32

A day not to forget!!

I find standard escort so boring... But then I saw an advertisement from Jenna Rose with her beautiful eyes... through her website I found out that she offered Days Out and we did that and would do it again. On impulse I booked for a whole day, but because it was so much fun I booked an extra night. I'm glad I found you. You have a ''regular customer''!

Duration: All day + Night

Geoffry - 58

I also planned a day out with this lovely lady. Because I was very shy and nervous in the beginning and she can chat nicely, she quickly broke my glass. We went on a day out in Zwolle for 6 hours. I do regret that I didn't choose the 2 or more hours of intimate time, but oh well... I also enjoyed it very much.

Duration: 8 hours

Stef - 26