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Outcall: 13:00 - 00:00
Incall: 11:00 - 23:00
I don't work on a thursday or sunday!

Next photoshoots: 

* Not yet planned! Stay Tuned! *

🌼🌹 Hey Sweeties.. 🌹🌼

Looking for a real girlfriend experience? Or a naughty girl next door? I can give you that xXx

No girlfriend at the moment, Too much work and no time for a relationship? Do you have something on your mind and need to get it out? Is it your first time? Or just looking for something exciting? All possible of course! I guide you in the form of Sensual and intimate tension, by creating a constructive atmosphere, to get to know you. I am a quiet lady with a listening ear, but can also be very sociable! And maybe you want something different... Or maybe you just want to try a kinky experience with me! I am a big fan of anal! And would love to share this with you too! I also give wonderful B2B massages, kissing on your neck, sucking on your ear, giving kisses.. A very seductive massage that I give with feeling. Or first tender soft sex to something harder / rough? Of course you can! From missionary to reverse cowgirl, doggy or me on top.. You name it a position.. my favorite is doggy or position 69! I think everything is interesting and I am curious about your fantasies or experiences, so that you can also give me tips to close it even better! A real GirlFriend Experience that I will give you!
~~ But of course that comes with a price! ~~

Who am I?
My name is Johanna, a sweet openminded lady who loves chic and relaxed atmosphere.
27 years old, dark brown hair, gray-blue eyes, curvy-slender build (curves in all the right places/ like the love handles)
1.76 tall, 75 kg thick, cup size B, and size 38.
Purely Dutch!

Lives in:

My personality in short:
Sweet, a listener, very cosy or open, sensual, chic and classy.

My favorite places (intimate):
Nipples, my neck, to be licked with 1 finger in my asshole or you between my legs.

Favorite position:
Missionary, position 69, doggy or reverse cowgirl.

Dominant behaviour, not being able to leave me alone, asking me questions you already know the answer to, asking for a discount...

My options

  • Escort from 2 hours €400, 3 hours €550, 4 hours €700, 1 hour extra +€150
  • Dinnerdate from 3 hours €200
  • A Night from 19:00 - 10:00 €1,600

Escort: From Arnhem

Region: Gelderland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Flevoland from 2 hours €400
Region: South Holland, North Holland, North Brabant, Limburg, Zeeland,
Groningen, Drenthe
 from 3 hours €550

See my page below: 👇🏻👇🏻 For more information you need to know!

I dont like people who:

  • Only want to chat to say ''hi'', ''hello'', ''how are you?'' or ''are you horny babe?''
    I only response to people with direct questions or making a appointment with me!
  • Cry for a discount. 
    On my request i have sometime a discount for escort, when you ask for it
    i will not response!
  • Doesn't read anything what my ads or website has in it.
    It is very clear so dont ask questions you already have the answer for it!
  • Harass/bother or stalk me
    I respect every other hoomans life discretely, you will respect mine!
  • Promise anything and not doing it. In that case, dont make a promise!
    To set a date and never come. Or well.. then dont make the booking!
    In that case i consider the reservation as a waste of my time and cancelpayment.
  • Say you love me and wanna be lovers. In that case i have to be hard on you!
    I do my work professionally but with intimacy and feeling, not meant for a love relationship!
  • Want to go on a non-pay date with me. That could be a drink or something to eat.
    In that case, it will be my decision to make my own rules!
    Every date with me is payd! Let that be CLEAR!

I'm no longer respond to you and you will be blacklisted!

🌹 Bring a gift? Love a bunch of flowers! 🌹
🌹Or something from my wish list at Throne 🌹